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Keeping The Gardens In Garden City

Working with the Village Department of Recreation and Parks, including the Director Kevin Ocker and Parks General Supervisor Michael Didyk, the Civic Beautification Committee has continued to enhance the village landscape with a variety of annual and perennial flowers offering a sequence of bloom throughout the seasons. The Committee, appointed by the Mayor of Garden City, consists of representatives from all four property owners' associations, with the responsibility of both designating and designing various landscape improvements throughout the village. In recent years additional plantings were added to areas around Village Hall and have been continued on entryways to the Village, all railroad stations, parks, and Village monuments and the public library.

Over 800 mums in various fall colors were ablaze throughout the Village this past autumn and once again a beautiful fall display including a large cornucopia, mums, hay bales and pumpkins offered the perfect setting for family photos at the Village Green. Over 35,000 spring flower in g bulbs in shades of pink have been planted in recognition of breast cancer awareness.

The long-standing Village Civic Beautification Committee became reactivated in 1988 when the Bank of New York, through its “If I Were Mayor” Contest, provided foundation funds for enhancing Garden City's landscaping efforts. The program is ongoing with the committee's chairperson customarily serving from the property owners' association represented by the Mayor of Garden City. Chaired by Suzie Alvey (WPOA) throughout Mayor John Watras' term, the other representatives are Janet Curtin (CPOA), Kathleen Auro (Estates POA), and Althea Robinson (EPOA).

“… Such gardens are made by singing: “Oh, how beautiful”

and sitting in the shade.”