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A Message From President Chris Mullaney

There has been recent press coverage, both in Newsday and on the radio, regarding potential zoning changes from the Town of Hempstead that would affect Roosevelt Field. In July the TOH proposed changes specifically to regional shopping malls and Village officials have been in discussions with the town throughout the summer. Both of the East's trustees and the EPOA have been part of these discussions and TOH officials have been entirely cooperative with the Village. There are no zoning changes in the proposed legislation— either now or in the future —that would allow development beyond Neiman Marcus and a small amount of included retail and parking. At a TOH zoning hearing on September 17 that I attended along with Trustees Donnelly and Episcopia, the town board adopted the maximum cap on total floor area that GC wants included in the proposed legislation. Voting on the new legislation chapter itself was deferred until October 2. Please check our website for any updates.