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East Nominating Committee Selects Judy Courtney as Village Trustee Candidate

The independent 15-member East Nominating Committee has nominated Judy Courtney, 3 Tremont Street, Garden City, for the position of Village Trustee from the East. The committee made its decision after a well-attended candidate Town Hall where Ms. Courtney discussed Village issues and answered questions from residents and nomination committee members on a range of subjects important to Village residents.

A human resources professional with 30 years’ experience in organization design, leadership and performance management, Judy has volunteered in many different Village organizations, including her current position as an at-large member of the Village Recreation Commission. She served for nine years as an EPOA director, including two as president, and as the East representative on the Traffic Commission and the Continuing Education Committee. Judy is also a founding member of the Mobility Impaired Committee. She regularly attends Board of Trustee meetings, budget meetings and other Village events.

At the Town Hall and in a statement to the Nominating Committee, Judy said she considers the upcoming March 2022 election as one of the most important in recent history. She said that critical issues facing the Village include the handling of our water, the future of St. Paul’s and infrastructure maintenance. “However, I believe the most important issue facing us,” she told residents, “is the debate on how our Village will be structured...Do we want a two-party system or do we want to maintain, in an improved way, our foundation of POAs and the Community Agreement? If nominated, I will publicly support a platform of the Community Agreement and POA structure.”

Additional proposals for nominations may be made by petition filed with the Corporate Secretary of the EPOA at least 30 days prior to the January 18 resident electors’ meeting and signed by not less than 15 resident electors. Any nominating petition so filed shall, in addition, set forth the residence addresses of the signers, the names and addresses of the persons proposed for nomination for Village offices and the offices for which they are proposed.