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New Garden City Pool Policies!

From the Parks & Recreation Department:

We would first like to thank our pool members for your patience and cooperation during this difficult time. During the past few days many of you have made suggestions on the registration process that our administration has taken into consideration. At this time we are going to implement a cancelation / wait list policy. Due to CDC regulations, we are limited as to how many individuals are allowed in the pool facility during a session. If you are unable to attend a session you already signed up for please call the Pool Office at 465-4074 to cancel. As registration closes we will keep a wait list for each session and call those members as spots become available. This policy will start on Wednesday, July 15th. To see if there is availability on the wait list please call 465-4074.

To accommodate those members having difficulties reserving a session swim time we will be introducing a same day walk up policy. Members will have the opportunity to come to the pool office to check availability of the sessions as follows: For the morning session, walk ins will be allowed beginning at 12 pm. For the afternoon session, walk ins will be allowed beginning at 6 pm. Admission to walk ins will be dependent upon how many people are in the pool at the start of the walk in time. We cannot exceed our allowed capacity, so walk ins will be on an ‘as available’ basis. This process will only begin at 12 pm Tuesday through Sunday during the AM session and 6pm Tuesday through Sunday during the PM session. On Mondays, we will begin this process at 2pm for the AM Session and 7pm on the PM session. Remember, walk in admission is ONLY based on availability and entrance is NOT guaranteed. This policy will begin on Wednesday, July 15th.

Finally, due to high volume on the web site and on the phone we will be altering start times for pool reservations. Reservation for the AM sessions will begin 8:30am and reservations for the PM sessions will begin at 10:30am. Members can still make reservations via online or by phone at the Pool Office at 465-4074. This process will start Wednesday morning for Friday swim session reservations. Again, we thank you for patience and input!