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Tree Replacements to Begin

The Garden City Department of Recreation and Parks has supplied the EPOA with a list of the trees that will be planted this fall and their locations in the East. This is phase one of the Village's Tree Restoration Plan to replace the 675 mature Village trees that were lost from Super Storm Sandy.
Commissioner Kevin Ocker said that phase one is directed at the streets and areas that sustained the greatest losses. Approximately 200 trees will be planted village-wide. Phases two and three will move forward in the spring and fall of 2014.The fall planting is expected to start in about two weeks and will take approximately three weeks to complete. 

According to Commissioner Ocker, the restoration plan includes new varieties and cultivars of trees that were recommended by the Urban Horticulture Institute at Cornell University in order to create biodiversity within the overall tree population to improve resilience to diseases, pests and catastrophe.

For a list of the trees being planted in the East during Phase 1, please click the link below.
Attached Document or FileEAST_TREE_PLANTING.pdf East Tree Planting Phase 1