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GC East Nominating Committee Supports Mark Hyer for Trustee

The independent Garden City East Nominating Committee has voted to support the nomination at the January 2017 Resident Electors’ meeting of Mark Hyer for the position of Village Trustee from the East for a two-year term commencing in April 2017.

Committee members who interviewed Mr. Hyer were impressed with his professional background, as well as his volunteer service. A current EPOA director and chair of the Streets & Traffic Committee, Mr. Hyer has been a resident for 17 years and a 13-year active member of the GC Volunteer Fire Department. He is married, with one son who attended the GC public schools.

Mr. Hyer spent just over 20 years with the New York City Police Department, where his assignments included managerial positions in law enforcement and administration and where he developed hands-on practical skills in union issues, personnel supervision, operations management, budgeting, purchasing, contract review and construction oversight.

After retiring from the NYPD with the rank of Sergeant, Mr. Hyer has held several positions in the private sector, including nine years as the Director of Security, Telecommunications and Transportation for Forest Hills Hospital within the North Shore/Long Island Jewish Health System. He is currently a consultant for a security/emergency management company specializing in emergency preparedness training.

“I am ready and willing to undertake the extensive responsibility and time commitment necessary to serve as a Village Trustee,” Mr. Hyer assured the nominating committee, noting that his professional experience has required him to look at the same type of issues that Village Trustees must deal with on a regular basis.

Additional proposals for nomination as a Village Trustee may be made by petition filed with the Corporate Secretary of the EPOA at least 30 days prior to the January electors’ meeting and signed by not less than 15 resident electors. Any nominating petition so filed shall, in addition, set forth the residence addresses of the signers, the names and addresses of the persons proposed for nomination for Village offices and the offices for which they are proposed.

The Resident Electors’ meeting will be held on January 17, 2017, at the senior center on Golf Club Lane. The Corporate Secretary of the EPOA is Joseph Courtade. His address is 15 Kingsbury Road, Garden City.

Voting members of the 2016 GC East Nominating Committee are: Jill Bauer, Joe Courtade, Bill Graham, Steve Ilardi, Ken Moody, Christine Mullaney (chair), Joe Nadolny, Heather Nielsen, Brian Paradine, Karl Schmidt and Ted Ucinski.